African Kobe Magic Mushrooms

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4 reviews for African Kobe Magic Mushrooms

  1. mikeeichelberge

    These TPEs are awesome, they look amazing and are strong as fuck

  2. Erik Kappel

    I had the best visuals with these, I saw myself look back at me and said what, first time ever have I seen myself let alone speak. Tricky ones but great fun but be ready.

  3. Karin Luft

    Lemon tek’d 3.2g on one days rest after a full weekend of awesome fun times with shrooms. Kicked my ass and told me to chill. 10/10

  4. Sven Fiedler

    Absolutely floored!! Knocked my socks off boys. Took these and an hour later I was barefoot walking down a creek feeling like a kid again. Most fun I’ve had in years. Wonderful medicine! Nice come up, amazing visuals and colours, auditory was next level heightened. Come down gentle and mind super creative and imagination running wild. Best service in Canada I appreciate all you guys do! Thank you

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