African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

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African Transkei Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, African Transkei), aka South African Transkei (SAT) is the first and one of the only P. Cubensis strain originating out of the continent of Africa. It is unknown who exactly collected the samples, but from our research it shows that the samples were collected in January 2002 at the Wild Coast region of South Africa. It is reported that the mushrooms were found growing directly in dung in the shades of a tree.

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8 reviews for African Transkei Magic Mushrooms

  1. Clelia Napolitani

    First true shroom trip, first night was a bit intense but the next time was very enjoyable. The boys were driving dirt bikes in the house.

  2. Tranquilla Baresi

    One of the best highs I’ve had, I didn’t get any crazy visuals but my friends did and loved it. I felt very chill and happy everything was so much more beautiful.

  3. Costanzo Bianchi

    It takes time to packing and deliver but promised to arrived @ the door which is good. Tried few grams..intense high and happy. Will buy different strains near in the future. Keep it goin! Thank you Shrooms Bros

    • admin

      At times it’s due to addresses not specified. Thanks

  4. admin

    Your welcome is open for everyone.

  5. gralion torile

    I couldn’t resist commenting

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  7. Mora

    African Transkei Magic Mushrooms are a variety of psilocybin mushroom that is
    indigenous to the African continent. This specific type of
    mushroom has a long and storied history.
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  8. zoritoler imol

    Very interesting subject, thanks for putting up.

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