Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

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4 reviews for Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

  1. Petra Müller

    Wow. These shrooms were amazing. I’ve never experienced a high where when it’s done, the downing was enjoyable. The high wasn’t too intense. Allowed me to experience the best of mushrooms and when it was over, it felt like you came back to reality as if you didn’t take any drugs. I highly recommend . Thank you shrooms bros for bringing such an amazing drug to people who need it for their soul

  2. Dennis Lang

    Finally got around to trying out the TPE’s. This one was very enjoyable compared to the Golden Teachers. I only ate 4g to start, and truthfully it was all I needed for a great energetic trip. I can imagine had I ate 5/6 grams I would have been tripping nicely. I would buy these again for sure!

  3. Kevin Luft

    What. A. Journey. These are not for the beginner traveller tbh, unless you’re ready to face yourself like youre living in the sims in first person. Amazing.

  4. Uwe Berg

    I took a “Stupid Monkey” dose of 7.5 g.
    I dubbed it that because thats what the mantis lady with a thousand eyes kept calling me.

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