Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

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5 reviews for Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

  1. Matthias Gloeckner

    Name says it all, crazy strain, really fun shroom and very therapeutic feeling

  2. Heike Schreiber

    These took me on a different trip than I’ve ever been on. It was love and rainbows. It came in waves of pure love, drifting in and out of my body. Nothing short of an amazing trip…
    The only thing I can say is I never did get any visuals

  3. Katharina Sommer

    Very colourful visuals and relaxing trip. Definitely loves up to the name “mind fuck” and I would definitely try again.

  4. Thomas Kruger

    Pretty good strain right here, definitely a mind fuck for sure. I noticed the visuals weren’t as strong as other strains ive had in the past but dont get me wrong these are still amazing and i would definitely get them again! Happy shrooming bros 🙂

  5. Thomas Gloeckner

    Great experience, would def order again.

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