SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate Mixed Flavors 2000MG


Buy SPECTRA NOIR – Bullion w/ Mixed Flavors | 2000MG

These handcrafted, rich, chocolate bars are available simply as a dark chocolate piece, or with nuts, fruits and berries. Each piece is filled with 2000mg of magical psychedelic delights (p.cubensis

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What is shroom chocolate bars| Buy mushrooms online.

If your looking for a good and reliable place to purchase your dream psychedelics mushroom chocolate online, Its always at And also buy psychedelics online Canada. Large selections of psilocybin mushrooms ,microdose mushrooms and edible mushrooms

Effects of psilocybin mushroom|one up psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar for sale.

Once taken in , mushroom slowly causes feeling of nausea before the desired mental effects of psilocybin.  Such effects of shrooms may include, dilated pupils, lack of coordination, increased blood pressure, headaches.
One up psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar is one of the best psychedelics to microdose


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