Neuro Botanicals (Adapt) Microdose Mushroom Capsules


Neuro Botanicals (Adapt) Microdose Mushroom Capsules improves vital energy and better stress coping abilities by supporting the adrenal glands. Adaptogenic herbs Rhodiola and Eleuthero, provide support to the body during times of stress: be it physical, emotional or environmental. Adapt is designed to complement your adaptogen supplement protocol and is stacked with the beautiful Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom.


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Buy Neuro Botanicals (Adapt) Microdose Mushroom Capsules online at the .Here at the trippystore we sell top quality psychedelics . In terms of microdosing mushroom we are best in that capsules online.A synergistic blend formulated to help promote neaurogenesis. Supports and improves memory and cognition, promote benefits such as increases in overall well-being, increased creativity, mood lifts, healthier interpersonal relationships and a feeling of being more present and focused.

Benefits of microdosing mushroom| shop mushroom capsules.

A lot of people microdose mushroom in order to reduce the effects of the psychedelics to their consumption capacity. At times people are microdosing for anxiety and they also microdose edibles.

How is microdosing done| microdosing dmt| buy lsd online.

Microdosing, or micro-dosing, is a technique for studying the behaviour of a drug in humans through the administration of doses so low. Cordyceps (cordyceps militaris) is a mushroom known for increasing energy levels and increase stamina. It also has an amazing ability to fight free radicals. Traditionally cordyceps has been used to treat asthma, coughs and bronchitis. Cordyceps can assist with liver function and detoxification, in turn helping digestion, cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health. Spore Wellness Energy (SWEN) is a blend of Golden Teacher (psilocybe cubensis), Cordyceps (cordyceps militaris), Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea), and Organic Ginger. Our unique formula is non-intoxicating and will improve energy and stamina. Each bottle of SWEN contains 25 capsules which are vegan and gluten free.


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